Thursday, September 9, 2010

...::.. Don't Know what to do...::...

Im senseless now...

Don't know what do to but just praying hard.

Hope A Gong could recover.

Im in a state of BLUR.

I don't know what was happening .

Received sister's call during tuition time 

where my grandfather fell down.

I don't know when and even where.

We are in reticent.

And I not dare to ask them for any question.

Dad and mum were on the way back to ULU YAM.

and 4 of us were staying in house.

I can't do anything.

I wanna followed them but not dare to ask them.

what can i do was just praying hard for A Gong ?

i hope there was nothing to A Gong. 


in a state of fear.

I scared i couldn't see HIM anymore.

tableau are appearing in my mind.

Im scare of losing him.