Saturday, September 11, 2010

...:::.. 9. 9. 10 ...:::..


Had a breakfast with Miss. Catherine.

Hmph... said meet at 9am before the day,

then 9.30am , and finally 10am .

We met at the greenie MAMAK stall in Maluri.

the foods came to us at 10.30am.

I ordered for a plate of MEE GORENG and a cup of tea.

And she... a tea and a plate of ROTI CANAI with CURRY IKAN.

WOAH... not bad.

but the fried noodles were too spicy for me.

I can't finished it . : )

is a GOOD NEWS actually.

Meet my cousin and friends over there.

After tuition ,

me, catherine and michelle stay in centre to study,

Before started to study,

we have our lunch at XAI GONG in Maluri.

Never tried before. taste not bad actually.

Here's the picture . = >

Is HER .  : )

Is HER too... : ) nice picture.

Is SHE . 

Is ME . too dark weyy :<


Michelle's . 

Don't get shocked .

Catherine is always like that.

She finish her drinks before the foods came.


she always finished her soup then only started to eat her noodles.

And that's why, her noodles never have soup before !

Michelle's rice were so round. 

BEAN CURD. Love this.

Curry . Not bad. ^^

Vege. Her favourite.

We did packed JAWA MEE for because..

she loves to eat that. 


We done our revision so funny.

I teach them Chemistry Chapter 4 although i didn't have any seniority .

And.. Catherine teach us Physics , FORCE .

how funny she is.