Friday, September 3, 2010

..::.. Dart It...::..

Oh my...

my cheek was freaking swelling this morning.


my eyes couldn't find any difference to a THREAD.

I cant open my eyes completely.

The eyelid is just as heavy as a stone. 

And, they look like GOLD FISH.. 

i think.

Gold Fish with a swollen cheek some more.

similar to a FAT steamed stuffed BUN.

My face will be in swollen condition in fact

either drinking too much water during the night before

Or not enough sleeping.

Yea... and this morning,

the reason is NOT ENOUGH SLEEPING.

I lost pair of eyes every Saturday morning.

I wonder why actually too...

The eye socket was damn greatly thoroughgoing weyy ...

Woke up 6 something in this morning, 

went to tuition.

We chat a lot.

And I realize something from a topic.

Being honest is the most important element to a FRIEND.