Friday, September 3, 2010

..::.. 3/9/10 ..::..

Finally got the trophy for the Board Competition.

Excited ~
with pink background.

consolation prize.


went for lunch at KOK HING again after the event.

with Kar Yee, Big and Small Carmen, Jeat Yinn, Merissa, Kok Kuan and Kar Yan.

Catherine came after that with NOTHING.

Took it secretly. 

What is Kar Yee's head doing to Yinn ??
SEE  jeat yinn's face, how cute is she ?? haha ..
doing nothing.
They never see Leng Zai before.


I was in spacious during tuition.

Sweet Yee didn't attend .

And no one is sitting beside me.

Keep disturbing and give troubling to the girl in front of me,


Pity her.

I was waited my turn to let Ms.Ng discuss those Chemistry questions .

I thought i was the second one.

And... Know what's the result ?

Im the last one.

Just because Im sitting to the last.

I waited for her to come after me from 4.40pm to 5.25pm . 

Then only my turn.

I did discuss some questions with the girls in front of me.

Catherine and Merissa.

How funny is it.

We keep finding that whether Sodium chloride, NaCl 

either is soluble salt or insoluble salt.

We thought it full of complicated.

Catherine even check it for the reference book. 

When she had found it,

Merissa only speak out , Sodium, Na ... !!

Oh... both of us just realize there had the letters Na.

 At first, we want to ask for teacher,

Luckily we never asked, 

If not, we are going to copy it for hundred times.

We keep laughing at ourself..

How silly are US .... 


Ms.Ng doggy in tuition center > BABY.

looks like sister...