Tuesday, April 6, 2010

..::.. Tada ...::..

Finally... ! I waited this day for a long time !
Finally reached ~
still left 2 days nia ..
Physics 3 and Moral ..
Gonna failed in PHYSICS ..
Read before the day... >.< '''

haih T_T
gonna buy a lot a lot a lot of KERTAS MODEL now ..
damn !

Last Saturday, 3/4/10..
planned to read at home whole day..
But then my dad forced me to go I-CITY during night..
I try to reject ... but ...i cant ..
I have to go .. 

The moments i think back my add maths ..
gonna tears out ! HOW CARELESS AM I ???
stupid !
I KNEW how to do it !!!! but aaaaa...
I hate it !
I hate the time passing so fast !
I hate the careless what i have did !
I hate the decimal places !
its just because a decimal, made me did wrong whole question !
stupid me !!
arghhh !