Tuesday, November 10, 2009

..::.. i'm started to become mildewed ..::..

really cant bear with the coming holidays..
I have no idea with it...
besides enrolling tuition, is TUITION...
damn ~
bored ...
and the time passes so fast..
i have to face SPM soon..
i'm fear of it ~
the times for me to play was just in a burst ...
i'm just like taking UPSR yesterday..
PMR for today..
and SPM for tomorrow ..
haven't play with plump la ~
and so fast,
we will end with the school life..
entering COLLEGE LIFE ,
and maybe 4 years later,
i have finish my study~ing .
and i have to work...
and then get into the ages of 20++ ... ( OLD )
haih ...
i dont wanna grow so fast ~