Friday, July 3, 2009

.. :: .. :: I angry at you ! ..::..::..

u said before i seems like XXX ,
That also considered as finish,
why you only the one say me like tat?
they say you are not understanding with me also,
i agree it !
Did I was the such person which located in your mind?
Everythings which is broken, that all is my fault?
OK, fine,
I think i dont have to explain to you anymore !
If you thrust on me, then i think you no need my explaination...
But if you are not believed on me, what i was trying to explain, i think you wont get it in your mind !
therefore, i think i no need to EXPLAIN to you.. !!!!
If you think that I was the such kind of person,
u casual or u like la !
But !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I PROMISE TO MYSELF ! i will be desolate to you until the day u say SORRY to me!
i'm so sorry to do that kind of action,
but i really cant enduring at you !
what my feelings can tell you was DISSAPOINTED !
I feel once dissapointed at you again!
i dont know still have how many times that i should face DISSAPOINTED again...
DISSAPOINTED are just lining up in front of me !