Monday, June 22, 2009

HAIZ, no mood for camp~ing

feel want to cry,
i still remember yeow xin ask me that ur heart-secret will pouring out to whom?
i told her is kar yan,
say truly, i found that no one can displace kar yan,
she is really 100% that anyone can be trust on her,
therefore, my every matter will told her !
however, we not same class at this year lerh !
therefore, i start to sign up a blogger to speak out what i was giving vent !
but , kar yan is now become very lonely at her class too!
i thought XXX will accompony her and sit with her too!
out of my mind, she is alone...
i say ady no one will be fully spirit,
HAIZ !!!
feel sad to her too!
go back to the topic of yeow xin..
she said actually all of her heart-secret is one withstand...
(thinking back) me too !
even my love's story doesn't tell anyone too!
that is because no one can make me fully-trusted !
that's why many people say i was mysterious and cool too,
lol, actually actually and actually,
i wasn't that kind of person...
why people must have friend?
if everyone in this world behavior like that,
then i hope that i always living in a lonely world,
at least wont be hurt sommore !
and that's why i'm still thinking that should i giong for the camping?
SAD !!!