Monday, June 22, 2009

am i regret~ing ? SAD (II) !


yup, at that sudden...
the only one i was stand between them !
i hate it...
i feel the world's was lonely..
as the bell ring ~ing,
i ask for cat that going back to our class..
she said " wait somemore, i want wait XXX come over here, i have sth to ask her"
OK, fine, i stay at there to wait her..
A few minutes is going off,
XXX haven appear, all the students was back to their class already,
i ask her one more time,
the answer she reply was the same!
At the same time, XXX said she will stay till 2pm for activities,
she keep asking and keep talking,
doesn't show me any respect,
and then, i heard what she say she want to make a call,
but she didn't told me at all,
finally, i go back class myself,
yerp, i very hate they all !!!
can i know the meaning for SPIRIT ?
at my class, yeow xin come n chat with me, ^^
i told her what was happening actually,
she said to me, actually she is facing the same problem too !
but i told her at least u gt XXX to accompony u,
but hw about me?
even my trustfully friend are nt same class with me,
SAD !!!
she said that actually XXX is nt her best friend,
she even say to me that actually the people who are approaching her is asking her schoolwork only,
HAIZ, she said to me that a BEST FRIEND is very very very hard to find !
yup, i believe it ~
i believe it ~ X100
damn miss my primary school friends,
at least they wont abandon me,
at least we can have fun at that time,
at least we have laugh, joy, and even more argue ^0^
but nw, people are growing up, mind will be mature too!
haiz, hate this life!
i living in a lonely world, right?
yeah T.T