Thursday, June 25, 2009

如果我变成回忆 (English Edition )

Tired has sobered diligently according to the convention is also illuminating the convention to think that as soon as you good have feared felt relieved rested the palpitation not to be obedient in the dream stops

Listens to breathe the tide to flap beautifully likely more is letting me be disturbed I also to be able to treasure anything, if I their pulse difficult to grasp

If I turned the recollection to withdraw from this life

Leaves behind you to be stunned the sob

My ice-cold body could not hug you

Thought I let the deep love your huge crowd travels lonely

I will hate myself so cruel-heartedly

If I turn the recollection not to have finally that luckily

Not opportunity in vain hair

Limps pulls you to look that the sunset glow falls

The long time you will convalesce sadly one day

If some people may let him accompany your me not to blame you

When joyful will finish which quarter will be the last moment wants closely to hug you may know you are in my life most does not give up, if I turned the recollection most to fear that I too did not make every effort to succeed depend stubbornly in the air wrest away your each inch slit to implicate at heart still like my your pain withstanding to lose am like this unfair ask you to forget with every effort me