Tuesday, April 5, 2011

② ⑦ ⑧

Sorry for not updating the blog for a month. 
Everything goes smoothly so far. 
Got my SPM result, registering for the coarse that I wanted.
Waiting for the offer letter next week and so gonna to start my NEW LIFE. 

Got the payment from Nuffnang. =)
Thanks, Nuff. 

Drove alone to Carmen's house, 
and guess what ?
Crushed into a MANGO tree beside carmen's house. 
At first, we thought the car doesn't go awry all the way,
because is just a slightly bang .
But then, when both of us had a look at the car, 
We were O.O , got shocked.
So unlucky.

Heading to Taiwan for another 18days more. 

New Life, New Mind . 

One more time, One more Chance.