Friday, October 1, 2010

..::..Tacitly Approve ..::..


Got into MOODY and were in bad temperament.

Strenuous to Add Maths Paper 2 .

And feel senseless to Paper 1 . 

Feeling like just closed up the booklet and give up.

Start doing again from the last question. 

I were in HOLLOW during that time. 

I cant think thoroughly. 

Maybe I were being too tired. 

Feeling so stressful, and doesn't have a day to sleep well.

The alphabets even came to my dream. 

They told me what's coming out for BM.

And I really did action on it, go and check for the essay when woke up.

In conclusion, 

Of cause they were not OUT.

Please don't ask me why.

I just don't know what Im thinking now.

Whole day were in senseless and mind being useless and feel that Im hopeless.

And listening music to calm down myself. 


I knew what is actually the " Music Treatment " . 

Started to believe that. 

" I Love Him " and " Can Or Not " by Ding Dang.

For Sure, " If I were A Boy " linking in my mind too..

they are my antidote.

Cure everything bad from me. 

Conscious it since the last Camp that I attending. 

Were in moody after the night walk. 

and humph the song. 

The second time were arguing with SOMEONE.

and mind thinking the song again. 

And this is the third time. 

there's a fourth time coming soon, I think. 

Yea ... Im tacitly approved that ....

HE is the one who dare to ask me and even talk with me like nothing when I were in 

Happen twice... 

PS : Good luck for PMR students. ^^ Add oil and... 


received this message when having my PMR last 2 years.

Trust yourself, dude.