Wednesday, October 6, 2010

..::.. FED UP ..::..

well being honestly. 

Im just such a useless human.

I know they would say me Im just simply say and being hypocritical to myself. 

Is a sham in fact.

Im such a bullshit. 

I got the tips, then ?

Results were just like that, never change,

even though  HOW I TRY MY BEST TO DO IT. 

my brain and mind ARE senseless.

I cant sense anything. 

I never have common sense. 

I wonder why should i put number of moles to the M.

Im the one creating problem anyway !

I lose the whole question .

All calculations done wrong !

The things already bear in mind, 

disappear suddenly when i wanna used it. 

Is ridiculous, right ?

Staying in class alone and i feel don't want to disturb people.

Im fear of keep asking questions from them and annoyed them.


Im disappoint to myself. 

I don't have mood to study for tomorrow's history instead of blogging.

I knew it could be in terrible.

But how.. I fed up from them !