Saturday, August 7, 2010

..::.. 7/8/10 ..::..

I did those stuff till midnight.

Mum scolded me that Im doing useless things.

Instead to study.

Im very unhappy because none of you are supporting me.

I knew that you were concerning me ,

but can you encourage me ?

Feel hatred to study.

Im just like a trash.

The pressure all around me.

I want to do it better .

But, Can I ??  My mind have a minimum limit

Today, 7/8/10

Hari Koko for my school.

Im taking part for the competition of Painting the board.

Im just useless.

I cant sketch and drew it nicely.

Sorry, My friends.

Thanks Carmen Lim again, 

 thanks for lending us yours hand, after your competition.



Im finally enjoyed them.

Bought a bowl of TOM YAM, 

a piece of ROJAK flat biscuit,

Strawberry Ice Blended 


A cupcake.

Im feeling damn regretful that

I never watch the scene when my "BROTHER"

HAN QIN was singing .


But, I made a big card for him. ♣

Before back,

Thanks Doraemon 

for giving me a bowl of ICE KACANG.

Is free of charge. 

haha.  O(∩_∩)O~