Monday, August 30, 2010

...::.. 30/8/10 ..::..

This was great.

3 of US, me, kar yee and Carmen sit together during whole day.

today was LC square but not cube because Ms. Catherine never appear in school.

I thought miracle could happen.

Received the timetable for Trial Exam. 

Is almost 4 weeks.

Feeling so hard to pass through those days.

Here's the picture we drew to Catherine's timetable.

Its colorful . ^v^

Colorful is United . 

Words which written by Ms.Carmen.

 back side of her timetable.

Flower which drawn by Ms. Kar Yee

And, this is mine.

Words are written by Ms.Carmen too.
remembered the sentence which belongs to Carmen's idea.

She wrote due to the picture of flower above, 

" Even though YOU are that lump of cattle's shit, Im the beautiful and unique rose be 
ready and willing to stay above YOU to assimilate those nourishment. "

Aww... how funny it is ...

Salute you.