Monday, June 7, 2010

..::.. RENEW : Back ..::..

Well, Im finally back.. ^^      
I had visited Johor and Malacca during last two days.
Its a wonderful journey for me.
hahaX... bought a lot of things and feel contented with satisfied.
First, we went to Johor to attend my grandma's brother's daughter wedding ceremony..
Huh ... complicated relationship.
Before reaching there, guess what?
Saturday morning,
We have breakfast with A GONG, A GU and GU ZHANG .
Enjoyed eating DIM SUM in NILAI.
Two hours later i think ,
my dad follow up with his GPS to the famous locality to eat again.
And I was fulled and failed to eat some more ,
We visited the shops located around there while they were eating.
HAVE A snap - shot. 

We went to a shop where there sold tiny thinggy .
Im just simply see around and saw a bag.
I took it and see.
Guess what? my A GU bought it for me .
AAA... i try to reject her to pay the money for me but it was failed .
Okay, and we went to the ceremony after then.
Hmm... im not complaining anything but just sharing my feelings.
The dessert in the restaurant was.... ICE CREAM ...
O . O  << This was my face when i was expected what was the dessert.

Yeah , finish eating .
And yet we quickly turn to Malacca.
Checked in to Mahkota Hotel about 4 or 5 something.
I was shocked when I found that the location and recreation center in this hotel was damn spacious .
Rest a while and continued the journey.
Swimming Pool..

We went to the shopping center where opposite ours hotel.
muahahahahaahah ...

And so on, we went to the Malacca Streets by " Three Wheels Car "  XD
tricycle actually.
My A GONG love it .
And I asked him whether wanna go back to ULUYAM by it.

Heheh ...
a lot of cute key chains man ...
And these made me confuse !
I wonder to buy which one ???

the famous POPIAH..
made a long long long long long queue to buy it .

next morning ..
awww :)
 First dishes ,

Second :

snap shot.

Went to Taming Sari and have a high and whole view.

while waiting ~
This was the view !

have a quack tour too !

Well, back home.
On the way, how tired I am..
( numb look )

please ignore my hair... 
I know it was too old-style.


So... and finish...
What did I get from the journey was too many... 

special bottle . 

The End .