Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..::.. 21/4/10 ..::..

Ergh ...
something made me very confusing !
I dont know what should i do now !
I know you will hate me forever ...
But what i DID ... I just wanna alter you to a better person.
I cry ... mixing my frame of mind!

I did cry because of you,
but u keep feeling that Im in accordance with YOU ..
Im disappointed at you !
I couldn't find anything or anyone to rescue you from dawn .
What Should I Do ?
You have to know ,
I have a lot of pressure .
Please dont let yourself become my burden.
Im feeling hard to breathe.
Even facing yours friends.
I thought I did the wrong things.
And I have to forced to the thinggy ..
since when you become like that?
When will you criticism yourself?
Or you feel yourself never done anything wrong .
And you think you are the perfect, wonderful one?