Tuesday, April 13, 2010

..::.. 13/4/10 ..::..


stay back after school again,
We have to arrange those BOOKS ..
The books are DUSTY and " FUSTY " ..
ours action damn fast wehhh ... :)
the books already bind.. 
tables already "squeeze " into those bookshelf ..
so hard weh : <
We order for the delivery of Mc. Donalds .
haha ^v^
the price totals up was RM 99.00 ..
the three guy.
Bring a lots of fun actually,
but then sometimes was too OVER !
The guy starts with the letter N one,
uses his dusty and blacken handy touch OURS FACE !
how dare he is !
The tallest guy ... huh .. =_='''
playing with the shoal of WATER on the bench after the rain,
and he puts both of his wateryyyy ( dirtyyyy ) hands to N's bag ..
eeeeeeeeeeeeeel ... 

Ooyah... something missing.
Pn. Siti Liah came to Library when we prepared to back ..
She scolded us at the first time .
But then after that, she talks and persuade us very softly.
She told us not to have duty in Library when there are no teacher guarding.
I love one of her sentence.
" I know what you all did were for Library. But, we have to concern yours safety."