Tuesday, December 15, 2009

..::.. MOODY ..::..

what i was demand in my future life was just happier ..
WHY you always make me once and another once disappointed ?
did i be attached importance in your heart ?
i dont wanna wear a MASK in front of you !
im so tired ..
i just thought that you will let me, myself to release mine depression ~
but you arent !
im just so stupid !
i thought my life can just be simple ...
but ... that was not !
i wanna be a person that are so own-up..
i wanna speak out what i was not deviate with it !!
i dont wanna to keep it myself and made me torture !!
i wanna be happy ...
i prefer let others people to hate on me if i choose to hate PEOPLE...
hating a person was just very tired..
why i must did so?
i wanna remove it ... REMOVE FROM MY MIND !
i dont want escape anymore !
dont want INTROVERT ...

give me some times to prepare for it ~