Tuesday, December 29, 2009

..::.. Buddy ..::..

yesterday night,
keep chatting wif my sis. ,
and suddenly,
dont know why i told her about carmen~
=_=''' LOLX ~
the time i keep telling her about shes,
and i keep laughing ~
i cant describe her well actually,
because shes so FUNNY ..
haha ^^

but sometimes,
shes quite mystical~
we really cant get what was in her mind sometime~

i told my sister interesting part ,
the time that she throw away cat's stationary case~
really funny ~

but actually,
i have to thx her because
shes made us a lot of fun~
if nt,
i would nt feeling lyking up to school,
thx car, zi ying, jia xin and sommore ~
thx for choosing insert my life ~