Friday, December 11, 2009

..::.. Alone ..::..

im home alone with my elder sister and dearer two hamsters...
today was damn boring...
at first, v plan to go for 1U..
how come my relatives came and my dad and mum were out with them ~
my younger sister went for PULAU PINANG and Langkawi for her GRADUATE TOUR ~
but... haha ^^
last time, ours tour went for SINGAPORE .. more fun actually ^^
miss it ~

today boring till nothing to do!
my sisters already cease the two computers,
and the laptop ... haih..
cease from my dad..
and i was so boring,
i done some stupid things...
really stupid !
no one is actually enjoy my music ~
and therefore,
i play the guitar and on the other side i sang too !
the most interesting part was...
im so pity !
they were sleeping that time~
and then they started to wake up and find foods ~

at the same time they finding food...
i gt a new idea,
if they choose CORN, then i will sing MANDARIN SONG,
and if SEED, im gonna to sing ENGLISH SONG...
finally, one of the hamster choose corn and another one(gift from my fren ) did not choose ... =_='''
haih ~