Saturday, October 3, 2009

..::.Pooh! so sunny... haha ..::..

this morning ,
i was enrolling supplementary lessons in CHEMISTRY ...
FUN ...
as the time we discuss a question in papers..
teacher saw an experiment that was a stupid question testing by a student...
and then, teacher say the student was PEARLY...
we all laugh at her..
teacher say she dare to say PEARLY because her self respect was...
teacher havent speak finish, MICHELLE say she din have self respect..
haha, this sentence damn funny ~
afterward, teacher say she not dare to say the person was me,
they say because later i will keep saying " YA LA, I'M SO STUPID DE LA ..."
WAHSEH, their action make me wanna to laugh !
laugh till stomach pain ...
and then , teacher move to michelle,
she say michelle will keep lowering her head,
kitt teng pula will say " WHY ? WHY? why? where got ? "
same with MERISSA ~
sweet yee pula will keep smiling or laughing or watever la ! ( alien)
kar yan also will keep smiling.
CAT same so !
hahahahahahaah !
funny !