Thursday, July 23, 2009

..::.. What Happens to Mii Nowadays ..::..

What happens to me nowadays?
tis morning,
que~ing up in TAPAK,
wow, my mood suddenly down !
then, i told my friends to line up in front of me,
i will be the last one !
Oo, what is the main reason?
me cant figure out too ! >.<
After than,
my mood may Ok ady,
because we keep talking with each other..
we keep chatting about such uncouthly word...
HAHA ^v^
during physics lessons,
we choose a nickname to each other,
kar yee may call " fan cheong " 粉肠..
Carmen call " sei yay " 死野
catherine call " ci suo " 厕所
and ME call " dau gei"
I dont know how to write in chinese,
but it means childlish,
my friend told me is the meaning,
but i dont know they got fulled me or not...
lol >.<