Thursday, July 16, 2009

...:::... [dissapointed] [sad] [desolate] [ silence ] ..::..::..

listen up here !
my mood sudden will be feeling dissapointed, sad, desolate and silence starting from now !
i wonder what is the reason too !
first, dissapointed,
i feel myself didn't placed in your heart !
i was the most tiny in your heart or actually none of a piece too?
sad was actually private things,
XXX didn't talk or greeting to me today, (SAD + DISSAPOINTED)
desolate, i really can desolate at you if XXX still having the same attitude,
I HATE YOU !!!!!
I HATE YOU !!!!!
I HATE YOU !!!!!
silence is back to me,
i will be more silence and silence !
more than before,
my mood was very very very very very down now !
don't want any people disturb~ing !
hate it !