Thursday, June 11, 2009

...::.. Bothersome...::..

The day before yesterday, I did not know THEY quarrels for anything..
then, i go and ask her wat happen between THEM.
X say dun mention her name in front of Y,
ok , i submit her permission bcuz i knw she is in bad mood !
Three days ago, Y called me and ask me to send regards to X,
what i was really very wants to scold Y, she bored not to have mouth???
Considered as finished, I did not replied her message, because i was enrolling in supplementary lessons at that time...
At home, she is damn bothersome !
every 5 minutes , call me 1 time!
I was enjoying my dinner wif my family,
I told her i will help to send regards to X later...
But her reply was unexpectedly , " help me to ask her immediately! "
I with return to her saying that i was eating my meal,
Then, she said a few words make me very want to beat to death her! If she is in front of me at that time, I really very wants to give her a palm of the hand !
She said, " Feeds, I such trust you! Why aren't you willing to help me! Help me this time, each time is called you to help me, you not to be willing!”
What????!!!! she always called me to teach her to solve the Add.mathematics question, I spent entire one hour to explain with her! Not only this, everytime she called me, I will help her with every effort!
She said that I didn't helped her before!
I really very wants to close her telephone call immediately, she also desperately wants me to help her to ask her. . .
The question is I have not said do not help her! I will late a spot only will then give out her. . . Because I was eating meal at that time!!!
I really very wants to shout at you!!! 
I will then help shortly afterward her to call to give her!!
She had to me said that when asking her, do not say that was she!
Young lady,
What do you want me to ask her?
Considers as finished, I ask and that's the end. .
I then ask X, “ why you didn;t answer her telephone?”
Human also knew that certainly has any thing! Moreover, she only quarrels with you, already knew that is you asks!
She calls her to telephone by herself. does not need to be troublesome others! (this my approval)
I then said to her that did not have the matter, she called you to give out her directly!
However, you shouted at me...
you scold me why i have to speaking out your name !
at that time, i really dont want bother you somemore,
i really want to decline your call immediately !
However, she keeps asking about X,
i said i was angry to you lerh !
she didn;t show any respect to me!
she is still keep asking about X,
I really hate you !!!!
My heart are broken, and my mood was really down !
I hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
tis call friendship?