Friday, March 27, 2009

am i thinking too much??

2day last period was Biology, haiz...
i gt 70 marks only... haih =_=
after tat, teacher gv us 2 copy note...
i hate his teaching method...
damn it !!! hyper hate !
it's crazy! where had such teacher..
he actually didn't teaching at all,
turns another page all at sudden !
people haven copy finish, he didn't care it sommore!
Bcoz of tat, XXX ask me 2 lend her my note, ( luckily i can copy all de note),
ok, den i juz gv her ..
she say she will gv me bek after the meeting... ( I trust her)
After the meeting, i only then run into her..
she is relaxing , i go n ask her where is my note...
she say she had forgetten 2 return to me, n she ask me " SO, ?? HOW? OR I RETURN YOU ON TUESDAY? "
wat????? she ask me like tat??
Isn't she should return my buk immediately???
wat type of disposition is her???
ok, nvm, i enduring you !!!!
i sacrify my time go back with YOU to take back my note...
hw come , u walk slowly like a tortoise, i think nt tortoise, slower den it, is snail, i think...
hey , since i c ur personality is like tat,
i really angry with you !
Isn't it you should gv me bek my buk immediately? but u walk so slow with ur fren...
you did'n t c i'm chasing with time?
After walked several steps, did u all knw wat she turn bek 2 me n say??
she say " Ooyah, i need to return ur buk oo... !!!"
oh my god...
wat is in her mind?
keep relaxing... ???
i followed her until reach the library...
i gt my buk,
she didn't say once " sorry" or "thx" to me ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh shit, hw come she is actually lyk tis????

~ really angry....